Investment Highlights


The current price of natural gas being traded today is lagging behind the price of oil (gasoline and diesel) by a significant margin. *(US Department of Energy). We foresee a steady and significant increase in the global demand for natural gas and for LNG. We also see a good possibility and a reasonable increase in the price of this commodity going forward.

Low Operational Costs with High Profit Margins

E&E’s processing plants are self-sufficient from utility, as waste gas or by-product from the process is used as fuel to operate a (1060) KW, GETM Power Generation system – complete with exhaust treatment, CEM, and a 500 KW Load Bank on-site. The power plant provides the needed power at significantly lower cost bases.
(Note: the actual demand is less than 800 kW)

* Note: Although the price of natural gas is currently undervalued, using our technologies and optimized operating costs, we will be profitable. Subsequently when the true market adjustments occur, as predicted by all experts, E&E and its investment portfolio will be in a stable and in a substantial position.

Competitive Advantage

E&E’s business model is to capture market share with on-site LNG production; creating a major price advantage, strengthening our market position, and retaining higher profit margins…all creating competitive barrier that enables us to stay ahead of the competition.

Emerging Market

As a sustainable source of energy, natural gas and LNG are not as glamorous as solar or wind, however the importance and the “value” of natural gas and LNG, as an essential commodity is vital part of the future of our economy.

LNG, as a source of alternative energy, is considered to be one of the most economically viable solutions to effectively reduce or eliminate the emissions associated with transportation, which is a significant cause of our environmental pollution problem.