Welcome to Energy & Environmental Investments, LLC

As we enter into a new global energy direction, we at E&E are paving the way for efficient, sustainable, and responsible energy, which will create an exciting and lucrative investment opportunity for shareholders. In this global market place, clean energy technology and the environment are essential components for energy production. Proven studies by the International Energy Agency (IEA) estimate; a minimum of $26 trillion needs to be invested over the next 25 years to meet the surging energy demand and to offset the declining reserves of the world’s major oil fields. These statistics represent a significant investment opportunity for E&E and its investors.

Energy & Environment, Inc., has been an established and experienced engineering firm since 1998. In preparation to meet the global demand increase E&E acquired the assets of Hirt Combustion Engineers, an established company in business since 1951. E&E has been recognized as a leader in the design, development, manufacturing, and a supplier of state-of-the-art energy and environmental technology with over 2400 system installations. These products and services include, Environmental and Pollution control technologies, Combined Heat and Power (CHP) or Co-Generation system, Energy and energy efficiency systems and technologies, Waste-to-Energy, green and renewable energy systems, and Gas-To-LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas).

Our Direction

E&E has developed a number of proprietary technologies, hold multiple patented designs and continues to be innovative with new industry developments. E&E has formed Energy & Environmental Investments, LLC, an investment division responsible for generating the working capital to develop and acquire energy plants in 2011 for its own portfolio.

E&E has a significant edge by taking all of its plant engineering, manufacturing, operating as well as environmental and regulatory experience to maximize the capacity of its newly acquired plants. E&E will continue to significantly reduce the carbon footprint for each site by improving operational efficiency as well as improving the economics of each plant. Thus, contributing to the “Greening of America” as well as minimizing US dependency on foreign oil.

Our Mission

E&E Investments’ mission is to be the solution to providing cost-effective power generation to manufacturing facilities, industrial refineries, commercial end-users, and high-rise office buildings while generating profits for E&E and its Investment partners. In addition to the Return on Investment (ROI), the IRS is allowing accelerated depreciation for this energy investment. Furthermore, in some cases, depending upon the type of energy produced, cash rebates and tax credits could be available. E&E will pass-thru all these cash rebates, tax credits, and the accelerated depreciation to its investors. With current operational information and clients in agreement, we can achieve a goal for this division to own and operate Liquefied Natural Gas plants with a combined total of 45 Megawatts in 2011 and over 100 Megawatts at a potential value of over $200 Million by 2025.

The Investment Opportunity

E&E management is willing to share this solid investment opportunity with accredited investors. Through this investment you can obtain strong returns while becoming a green energy supporter. E&E has been actively providing its services for over 19 years, and has established a strong infrastructure and management team that is intimately familiar with every aspect of the product, market, and regulations. We intend to expand and gain market share while offering significant benefits to clients and the highest ROI of the industry to its investors. E&E has established a business foundation in preparation for a successful large scale Initial Public Offering (IPO) and/or Merger with a large utility company.

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