Who We Are

The Company

The purpose of Energy & Environmental Investments, LLC, is to develop, implement and/or acquire Clean Energy Solutions™ projects. E&E Investments has a significant edge by utilizing its plant engineering, manufacturing and service operations; as well as environmental and regulatory experience to maximize the capacity of its newly acquired plants. E&E Investments will continue to significantly reduce the carbon footprint for each site by improving operational efficiencies. Thus, contributing to the “Greening of America”, and minimizing US dependency on foreign oil. E&E Investments mission is to be the solution to providing cost effective energy to manufacturing facilities, industrial refineries, and commercial buildings while generating profits for E&E Investments and its investors.

The Need

Commercial and industrial businesses will be faced with tough environmental choices in the future: pay fines for excess emissions, “buy” emission credits through a “cap and trade” program, or reduce their emissions through the implementation of efficient renewable energy programs. This will potentially drive up the costs of energy supplied by less efficient energy suppliers and significantly increase the market dominance of producers of alternative clean energy technology.

The Solution

Energy & Environmental Investments, LLC plans to acquire and develop plants that will produce clean energy technologies: WASTE-TO-ENERGY, GAS-TO-LNG, and Combine Heat & Power (CHP). Our goal is to develop and provide Clean Energy Solutions™ at a lower cost to its core market of manufacturing facilities, industrial operations, refineries, commercial end-users, and high-rise office buildings. Our Clean Air Solutions™ offers significant economical benefits to all parties: to the clients in the form of reduction in operating costs and increased production capacity, and for our investment partners in the form of Return On Investment (ROI) at a higher rate than other average market instruments.

The Advantage

Energy & Environmental Investments, LLC, is managed by Energy & Environment, Inc., an established and experienced firm since 1998. It is a recognized leader in design, development, manufacturing and supplier to state-of-the-art energy and environmental technologies. Energy & Environment, Inc. has developed a number of proprietary technologies, holds multiple patented designs and continues to be innovative with new developments in all fronts. Energy & Environment, Inc.’s corporate mission is to develop and offer Clean Air Solutions™ that are considered “The Elegant Solutions”.