Christmas Clothing Drive

In The Spirit of Giving 2

What comes to mind when you hear the word homeless? Living on the streets? Living in a shelter or a car? These examples all describe being homeless. However, a more descriptive explanation of someone who is homeless includes anyone who has lost their permanent home and has to double up with family or friends. Surprisingly, this fact has a major impact on the overall total number of homelessness in America. As a result of doubling up each year, close to 1.4 million children are considered homeless. This group of overlooked homeless individuals have the same rights and are entitled to the same services and benefits as those more widely defined as homeless. Unfortunately, in most cases, they are reluctant to use these services.

Energy & Environment Inc. is focusing our spirit of giving during this Holiday season on the not so obvious group of homeless individuals and the challenges confronting them. By sponsoring a clothing drive, Energy & Environment Inc. has an opportunity to contribute to and make a difference in children’s lives. Research shows that many students that come to school without adequate clothing and shoes experience low self-esteem, poor social skills and lack of concentration.

Amir Sardari, CEO of Energy & Environment Inc., asked this question to his team of employees, “If you have any unwanted, gently used, or brand new clothing items or shoes in your closet, can you give back by donating those items to help build a child’s self-esteem by providing them with clothing that makes them feel good about themselves?” The employees answered Amir’s question by opening the doors of closets responded with generous donations.

Through partnering with local charity organizations, we can reach individuals in our local community who are in need and have a direct impact while making a difference. This year we are happy to partner with Southwest Community Center, with contributions going to their outreach programs.

As we celebrate the holiday, we are grateful to be able to serve, give back, and support the needs of our local community.

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