Clean Energy InvestmentsTM Wellhead Gas Processing (LNG)

Capturing wellhead gas instead of flaring gas into the atmosphere and creating liquefied natural gas (LNG) a renewable fuel.

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Clean Energy InvestmentsTM Ease of storage & transport

LNG is not stored under pressure and it is not explosive.

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Clean Energy InvestmentsTM Shipping Industry

With new stringent regulations LNG is a potential solution providing many benefits as a ship fuel for container vessels.

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Clean Energy InvestmentsTM Railway Industry

Locomotives have begun to make the transition to LNG fuel.

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Clean Energy InvestmentsTM Tax Advantages

The IRS allows tax advantage and tax incentives for green energy investments.

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Clean Energy Investment Minimal Risk

The benefits of immediate earning power from your investment.

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Clean Energy Investment Diversify Your Portfolio

Boost your financial future by expanding your investment options.

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Clean Energy InvestmentsTM Cleaner Energy - Cleaner Fuel

Air pollution from diesel engines is a major concern and companies are looking at natural gas (LNG) as an alternative to diesel fuel.

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  • Meet Investors Expectations
  • Sustain Profitable Investment Vehicles
  • Maintain High Level Of Ethics & Integrity


To Success

  • Minimize Investment Risk
  • Improve Investment Returns
  • Optimize Avenues For Future Growth

Benefits of

Clean Energy Investment

  • Immediate Return On The Investment
  • Tax Incentives & Tax Advantages
  • Potential Long Term Growth

Energy & Environmental Investments, LLC

May 21, 2022

Energy & Environmental Investments, LLC, is an investment firm and a subsidiary of Energy & Environment, Inc. Energy & Environment, Inc is an engineering firm and an emerging leader with advanced and patented technologies providing clean air solutions & clean energy solutions. Energy & Environmental Investments, LLC acknowledge the entrepreneurial spirit & private sector as essential contributors to the future of our country’s economy. We offer investment opportunities in wellhead gas processing which plays an essential role in the LNG value chain. Energy & Environmental Investments, LLC gives savvy investors the ability to take advantage of tax incentives and receive immediate return on the investment with opportunity for long-term growth. Our ultimate goal is to create profitable investment vehicles and earn our clients’ trust and confidence while building lifelong relationships. Our mission to exceed our clients’ expectations in our commitment to their financial success. At all times, we are committed to maintaining the highest levels of ethics, integrity and professionalism and seek to be a valued member of the communities we serve.

The Clean Energy InvestmentTM